Praveshan - Join amFOSS

How to Join amFOSS

The Recruitment Pipeline

I. For Freshers (S1):

Interested students are required to attempt to complete a list of given tasks. Evaluation will be done based on these tasks followed by an interview.
Status: Closed
We are no longer accepting applications for tasks submission. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

II. For Others (S2 and above):

There are three stages for joining amFOSS.
You must start with Stage 0 and complete each stage to proceed to the final evaluation

Stage 0: Tasks

If you are interested send an email to [email protected] for recieving the amFOSS Tasks for 2023-2024:
There are a total of 11 main tasks + 5 additional tasks.
You must complete at least 9 of the 11 main tasks. You may attempt none to any number of additional tasks.
Once you satisfy the above requirement, send a mail to [email protected] with the subject: "amFOSS Tasks: <YOUR FULL NAME>" (You may not receive a response if you don't send with the right subject).
An example email of the perfect email:
Remember to include details of your branch, semester, and batch.
If you want to ask a doubt, please "Reply" to this mail.
This initiates the pipeline, your name will be added to our recruiting database.
This will be the main thread for the entire recruitment pipeline.
Please do not send another email if you have any doubts - you can instead just reply to the first mail with your query.
Once you have sent the mail, you will receive a reply from us within 7 days.

Stage 1: Projects

After Stage 0, once you have received a response from us, you will be assigned project(s). At this stage, you need to pick a development field like web development, android app development, etc. You will need to first learn the fundamentals of the field you pick. For e.g., if you pick Android, you will be asked to complete the Android course.
We will link any appropriate links, guidelines, including deadlines for you in the response mail (after you are done with stage 0), so don't worry. A typical period for this stage may range from 20-40 days.
We believe in deadlines and we respect deadlines. If for any reason that you are not able to complete it, you are always free to tell us that in form of a reply email to the main thread. In case of no follow-up from your side, you will be removed from the pipeline and demoted back to Stage 0.
After you have the fundamentals, you will need to complete the assigned project(s). Example of projects that may be assigned: Instagram clone, survey app, chat app, etc.
Once you are done with the assigned projects and once you have achieved the required outputs, you will** need to reply** to the original mail (that you sent for Stage 0) with the appropriate submission repository links.
For example, in our previous example, once you reply to the same email you sent before, it will look something like this:
You will receive a response from us within 10 days, followed by follow-ups which may include a video interview.

Stage 2: Contribution

After you have received a response from us after completing Stage 1, you will be asked to contribute to any of amFOSS projects. For this, you will need to learn to how to send a pull request and learn the basics of Git.
The guidelines along with deadlines will be specified in the mail that we send to you once you complete Stage 1.
Once you have solved a good number of issues, we will do a final evaluation as well as a possible video interview.
Elon joins amFOSS
Good luck!


I have already sent an email completing the tasks. What should I do?
If we haven't followed up with your email, feel free to send an email again and specify that you sent an email before. You must follow the same procedure as described above in Stage 0.
Can I directly start with Stage 1/2? Can I skip a stage?
No. The purpose of the pipeline is to ensure that you have the fundamentals which start from Stage 0.