Praveshan - Join amFOSS

Everything you need to know to join India's Leading FOSS & Computer Science Club.

How to Join FOSS@Amrita

If you are excited about joining FOSS@Amrita, there are multiple ways to gain membership -

For latest updates, please follow us on our instagram( & facebook( pages.

I. For Freshers (S1/S2)

Fresher's Tasks

Interested students are required to attempt to complete a list of given tasks. Evaluation will be done based on these tasks followed by an interview.

Status : Closed.

We are no longer accepting applications for tasks submission. Please reach out to us at, if you have anything to say.

Initial Task List -

II. For Others (S3 and above)

Long Challenge

Students can participate in the Long Challenge conducted by the club, get selected and join the club. For more details, refer Live Contests/Long Challenge.