General Guidelines

As stated above, referring online sources is allowed, but directly copying code from a website is prohibited. Sharing code between participants is also prohibited. Plagiarism checkers will be used to ensure all work done is genuine.

Students are encouraged to learn to use Google efficiently and be self sufficient to solve the problems that they face.
Here's our own curated list of resources if you need help - Vidyaratna

Basic tasks like navigation, editing files and unzipping should not be done using GUI i.e. the use of mouse and window managers is discouraged. Do as much of your work as possible on your terminal - make the terminal your home ;)

Student(s) found violating any of the guidelines or displaying other unsporting behaviour will be subject to disqualification.
You must not use Windows/similar for completing the tasks , feel free to use any Linux distribution/ macOS
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Plagiarism is strictly prohibited
Google is your best friend
Reduce usage of GUI