Feb 2019 - Fresher's Challenge

Participants : First Years - Even Semester, 2022 Batch

Follow the below tasks and submit an ISSUE in this repository so that we can check your progress among all the people.

Base Rules

You are not allowed to use GUI-based navigation/operations like Editing, Unzipping, etc., but are excepted to find out a solution with your coding and commanding skills - you are accountable to show us proof of work, by creating your own repository named tasks-amfoss which will contain whatever work you do for the test. Push all your codes and screenshots to that repository. For avoiding malpractice, make your repository as private so that no one can take your code. Make it public before you submit.

Plagiarism will not be entertained - You are allowed to refer to any online portal, tutorials, forum-answers etc. but copying your code from your friends (or as such from any online source) is strictly forbidden.

Note that Individuals can be disqualified from the test at the organizers' discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the competition rules, or other unsporting behaviors.

The Tasks

0. Star all the amFOSS repositories.

Since you have made it here, we thought you would be interested in them.

You should probably try this - https://github.com/amfoss/star-me

PAUSE: I know you have already starred this repository, but why don't you fork it too. I think you know about the fork. If not, please see the top right side and click on the fork button and select the user. That's it! You are awesome. You just forked a repository. Keep on going 👍 .

1. We Want YOU to Introduce 😃

Vipin Pavithran, the founder and chief mentor of the club, as well as others in the club, are excited to welcome you onboard! Why don't you write us an email addressing them all? Check out your email, you must have received a mail under the thread name, FOSS@Amrita - Freshers Introduction Mail. Send in a mail replying the thread, which answers the following -

  • About You

  • What according to you is FOSS@Amrita?

  • Why do you want to join FOSS@Amrita?

Make sure you follow mailing etiquettes. You can learn about them here - https://www.dailywritingtips.com/email-etiquette/

2. Oswald and his Foolish Photographer

Oswald and Weenie want their picture to be hanged on the wall, but their foolish photographer he gave them a manipulated image. Can you help them to fix it? Btw, they also wanted it to be a Grayscale image. So, get started and earn some Good Karma. :)

You will get the picture by running this below command.

$ curl -o oswald.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/amfoss/amfoss-freshers-test/master/assets/oswald.png

Hint: You can refer to https://automatetheboringstuff.com/chapter17/

3. Correct your Emails

Last night, someone from DPRK had sneaked into our system and manipulated all of your emails in our records. We are unsure of the mistakes that might have crept in and we want you guys to fix them for us. We host our records right here in this repository, in a markdown file in this repository. Go ahead and correct your email. Create a branch named #2-<email>-fix and send a PR. Remember to have a meaningful commit message, ofc 😁 .

See ISSUE #2

Help: Git Branch, Pull Requests

4. Here is an exciting Contest!

We know that you all love Problem Solving, and we have planned a special contest for you! Are you ready? Oops, we have a slight problem! We have lost the link generated in the morning and we have contacted the Police to find it. Maybe you should try too (You guys are problem-solvers after all). Until then, you can proceed to solve the below challenges 👇 .

BTW, remember that the Hackerrank challenge link always starts with the URL, https://www.hackerrank.com/

5. Kim's Gift

Did you try to open the hahahaha file yet? It was left by the DPRK attacker last night, maybe it contains Kim's nuke or some chocolates for you. Who doesn't like chocolates?

Write a bash script which does the whole thing, in the end.

Help file a gives you the details about the file a touch a will create new file a rmdir a deletes directory a mv a b transfers the contents of file a to b chgrp changes the group ownership of files For more, you can refer at CLI Commands

6. Doval's Secret Agents

Now comes the most interesting task of all. Wait, before starting I want to ask if you got the SECRET_MESSAGE.


The task is simple, host a small website on GitHub pages saying that SECRET_MESSAGE is "###" in a Level 3 Header. You can use README or HTML. We don't bother about design but who doesn't like good websites 😉 .

Help: GitHub Pages

7. Post it!

We hope you all have a blog. You can write a blog post on your overall experience and how did you solve the tasks. Remember this is also a task but will be evaluated later. You can share the links in the Telegram group along with your status updates at the end of the day.

You can update it later in the ISSUE submission.

Reference: You can have a look at some of the previous blog posts of the club members like https://kalidindiamitraja.wordpress.com/2018/10/25/sending-email-with-python/https://anandinblog.wordpress.com/2018/09/10/dual-booting-ubuntu-with-windows/

8. Race it, Raise it!

Once you are done with the 7 tasks above, you are required to submit all your work which includes your code (or maybe even screenshots) so that we can verify that you completed the tasks. To do that, you must raise an issue in the repository and fill the template.

Here are some more rules (we know you are pro's, just be sure of these) -

  1. Every individual should submit an ISSUE and fill that template so that we can evaluate the test.

  2. The ISSUE TEMPLATE must be strictly followed. A submission without following the template will be considered asINVALID and hence will not be evaluated.

  3. Only a single issue has to be made for each individual, multiple submissions will not be considered.

Sample: https://github.com/amfoss/Praveshan/issues/1

Thank You for participating in the contest! We would be happy if you could kindly also fill the feedback form too 😁 .

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