Selection Process

Description of the overall selection process and the ways to get in.

There are two ways to join -

One way is through the Long Challenge. You can, at any point of time, participate in the Long Challenge. It is a series of tasks which test aspects like your problem solving skills, expertise with Git, the ability to decompose a problem into sub-problems to solve it, ability to write professional emails and so on. Remember - unless the foundations are strong, nothing solid can be built on the top and therefore the goal of these tasks is to just test these essential fundamentals.

Do not expect to find the solutions with a simple google search, while there is no exact list of topics on which these tasks will be based on, it is guaranteed that only the fundamentals would be tested. You could have a look into the previous year challenges to get a rough idea of the skills we look for in candidates, but of course, do not expect the same questions.

We understand that not all students join an engineering course with experience in computers so they also have the option to gain entry through workshops. A three week workshop will be conducted for first years to educate them on the basics required to be a successful programmer. From the candidates who registered for the workshop, we will be looking for highly motivated individuals who show great zeal in their work and interest towards the given tasks. During the course of the workshop, tasks will be given on what was covered in the workshop, to test your understanding and dedication. In the end, the deciding factor will be how well you did these tasks and your overall performance during the workshop. In general, the virtues that stand out would be attentiveness, the quality of the questions you ask and how much time you decide to dedicate for the tasks or any extra research - of course these are not the only qualities that would stand out.

If you intend to get in through this way, please make sure that you register for the workshop. Last date for registering is [TBD]

Your overall performance will be judged by our experienced members headed by Vipin sir who have been involved throughout the selection process.