Freshers Tasks 2019-20

Freshers interested in joining the club by solving the tasks can do so -

  • Submit your details on this form -

  • Get the task document at the end of the form

  • Submit the tasks before or on 7th January, 2020

Task List -‚Äč

You are expected to try the tasks only on Ubuntu or whatever distribution of Linux you prefer as part of the first task.

It is recommended to begin with Task 10 (CS50) if you do not have / or if you feel you aren't confident enough, and then move to the other tasks.

Deadline for submitting the tasks: 7 January 2020

Please do not forget to check your mail regularly.

Submission Email

The submission mail must contain the following -

  • GitHub Task Project Repository Link

  • Personal Blog Link

  • Blog Posts related to the Tasks [ share your approach on how you solved the tasks in the blog posts ]

You may also mention incomplete tasks (if any).

The submission emails must on or before 7 January, 2020 to